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iPhone 15 Pro Review: Introducing the Type C

iPhone 15 Pro Introduction

With the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple has made a number of significant camera improvements that will elevate your photography game. First and foremost, the phone is now more lighter and easier to use thanks to new features like a USB-C connector and Action button.

The brand-new A17 Pro chip, one of the most significant new features, is under investigation for overheating while the battery life, another crucial component, has stayed mostly same and charging times have not increased.

A longer zoom lens is the one exciting new feature missing from the new iPhone 15 Pro. You can read more about that one in our review of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which is only available on the larger Pro Max variant.

What’s new about iPhone 15 Pro

  • thinner titanium body
  • Fresh colors
  • Lightning port replaced by a USB-C port
  • comparable storage choices with the new A17 Pro chip
  • Reduced bezels, identical screen size
  • Better portrait mode and camera
  • In place of the mute switch, a new action button
  • Around the same battery life and charging rates

Unboxing of iPhone 15 Pro

Full Specification of iPhone 15 Pro Click Here

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iPhone 15 Pro Operating System: Latest iOS 17

iPhone 15 Pro

The iPhone 15 Pro comes with the updated iOS 17 Chips which is world first finest and thinnest 3 nm in size, which is also available for all prior supported iPhones.

Remember that iOS 17 is being rolled out to even earlier phones, dating back to the iPhone XR.

iOS 17 includes big enhancements to the Phone, Messages, and Face-time applications, as well as a few modest quality of life upgrades such as improved auto correct (finally! ), and a new way to invoke Siri by just saying “Siri” rather than “Hey Siri.”

The improvements to the Phone app are likely to be the most obvious, as you can now set a Contact Poster for yourself, which will be displayed full-screen on other iPhone when you call them. Another new gimmick is Name Drop, which allows you to exchange contact information by simply bringing your iPhone close to another one. In the messaging app, you’ll be able to respond with animated stickers made from your Live Photos, adding a lovely personal touch to the experience.

The best part of owning an iPhone is the software update support.

  • iOS 18 — 2024
  • iOS 19 — 2025
  • iOS 20 — 2026
  • iOS 21 — 2027
  • iOS 22 — 2028

iPhone 15 Pro Charging Speeds

if its comes to efficiency then USB type C is best for Charging and Data transmission

This is more serious than it appears. USB-C on iPhone’s brings us closer to a future with a single cable for everything, as well as fewer cable clutter. However, it also opens up a universe of possibilities. To mention a few possibilities, you can now connect an external drive directly to your iPhone or an SD card reader to transfer photos from your DSLR or mirrorless camera.

iPhone 15 Pro Audio Quality 

Every year, Apple improves the audio quality of its iPhone 15 Pro a little bit, and the iPhone 13 Pro saw the most significant shift. Although the audio quality of the iPhone 15 Pro has been very little improved, overall, it still sounds very much like the previous model.

With its pleasant and precise vibration feedback, Apple’s Taptic Engine has been the gold standard for haptics for years. In the case of the iPhone 15 Pro, nothing has changed.

iPhone 15 Pro Conclusion

The changes made by the iPhone 15 Pro are more significant than they initially appear.

Apple has improved the camera in all the right spots, and the reduced weight is a bigger improvement than you may expect. The camera improvements are also quite welcome; you get sharper images and additional “lenses” that may end up becoming your new go-to shooting settings.

The new Action button and other modifications, such as the USB-C connection, greatly simplify life. Additionally, all of that has a beginning price of the same in the US.

However, one issue remains: the A17 Pro chip, while quick, is known to grow rather hot for certain users, and we’d wait to see how serious this issue is and whether you should be concerned.

Finally, the iPhone 15 Pro is a wonderful update, but it has certain very particular capabilities that you may or may not care about, and it doesn’t affect the battery life, which most people worry about.

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